A Life is a Holy Story

Bkatiannanda Swami Sai Baba also Sri Satya Sai BabaIdag har jag blivit välsignad av Bhaktiannanda Swami SAI BABA. Han kom till mig utanför min bostad i Eskilstuna och frågade vad jag behövde hjälp med eftersom en av mina änglar bad om hjälp å mina vägnar. Jag fick lära mig att man säger ett mantra när han är närvarande och man säger ett annat mantra när han (och andra heliga män och kvinnor) lämnar. Han kommer att ge den hjälp jag behöver får jag veta. Jag har blivit misskrediterad länge nog, tycker han. Han log som solen och hans oranga kläder lyste klara och rena.

Today I´ve been blessed by Bhaktiannanda Swami SAI BABA. He came to me outside of my apartment in Eskilstuna and asked what I needed in help, since one of my angels asked him for help n my behalf. I learned that one says one mantra when he´s here and one mantra when he (and other holy men and women) leaves. I am let know that I will receive the help I need. I  ´ve been discredited long enough, he says. He smiled like the sun and his clothes in orange shone bright and clean.

From Sri Satya Sai Baba to me Marie Meigisi 160210: “From day one you were friend now youré a friend with me.” I cry in gratitude for the words I hear. And he says and cries with me: “I knew there would be a nice young girl born here in Sweden. Your´e still a girl for me.”
Sri Satya Sai Baba: “661112 I heard you were going to be born, but you didn´t why?”

Marie Meigisi answering: “My mother has told me that on the 10th of November she was walking down the stairs and fell all the way down the stairs and landed on her back. So instead I was born on the 17th of November.” (Channeled from Sri Satya Sai Baba through Marie Meigisi.)

/Marie Meigisi

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